Throughout your experience at IUPUI, you can collect and present your learning experiences in an ePortfolio.

Learning happens both inside and outside the classroom. By building your ePortfolio, you identify and reflect on these experiences, figuring out how all the different parts of your college journey fit together. Tell your unique story in your ePortfolio, and share it with faculty, friends, employers, and the community.

Why create an ePortfolio?

Creating an ePorfolio can help you find your purpose, set goals, measure your progress, and turn your aspirations into reality. Find out why students like you are creating ePortfolios.

Benefits of ePortfolios

Looking for inspiration?

Check out the IUPUI CourseNetworking ePortfolio gateway:  Use the search bar to find ePortfolios created by IUPUI students, faculty, and staff.  Search by people, skills, badges, and showcases.

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