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[MUSIC PLAYING] DILLON POLLEY: Hello, and welcome to the ePortfolio Studio. I'm Dillon.

SOPHIE CARRISON: I'm Sophie, and we're ePortfolio Studio consultants.

DILLON POLLEY: We're here to help you with all of your ePortfolio needs.

SOPHIE CARRISON: At the ePortfolio Studio, we help students build their ePortfolio from scratch if they don't have one.

DILLON POLLEY: We also help students with ePortfolio class assignments, who just want advice on what they've created.

SOPHIE CARRISON: We also see students who want to update their ePortfolio, and talk through what to add, and how to organize, and design their pages.

DILLON POLLEY: If you need help organizing or just some general feedback on your ePortfolio design, come and see us.

SOPHIE CARRISON: Let's take a closer look at the space. This is where you will come in for drop-in hours or any in-person appointment that you schedule.

DILLON POLLEY: We also offer online appointments and asynchronous help, where you can send us your ePortfolio link, and we will send you written or video feedback by email.

SOPHIE CARRISON: See us at the ePortfolio Studio whenever you have any questions or need help with your ePortfolio.

Meet with a peer ePortfolio consultant: in-person or online

Have an ePortfolio assignment but not sure how to get started? Want feedback on your ePortfolio? We can help with that!

Peer consultants are available in-person and online through Zoom to help get you started, help you generate ideas for what to include in your ePortfolio, and provide feedback on what you have created.

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Meet your ePortfolio consultants

Sophie Carrison

headshot of Sophie Carrison wearing a yellow shirt

Major: Biology, with minor in Health Psychology

Why I like being an ePortfolio consultant: I'm excited to be on the ePortfolio consultant team to help others bolster their own profiles, whether that be for academic, career, or personal growth. I focus on building my own ePortfolio as a more interactive and expansive version of my resume where I can showcase more experiences that aren't included on my professional resume. Aside from ePortfolio, I am a PLTL leader for chemistry and play in a recreational soccer team on campus!

Sophie’s ePortfolio


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