Where to Find Help

screenshot of ePortfolioYour instructor or advisor will probably define an approach, structure, and initial contents for your ePortfolio, but your instructor is focused on teaching subject matter, not the technology platform. Some courses or programs invite a trainer to class to help students get started with Taskstream. The UITS Knowledge Base also offers a number of entries to help you through the basics, and IT Training has recorded an introductory webinar. If you're still having difficulty, you can call the UITS Support Center at (317) 274-4357.

Tip: To avoid last-minute problems, keep up with assignments, and don't put off building your ePortfolio until the night before it's due. Get started early, so that you have time to get help with any difficulties you may encounter.

The KBase About Taskstream Learning Achievement Tools section includes:

Guides for Managing Your Online Identity

resource site on digital identity Building a Digital Reputation
Website managed by Dr. Torrey Trust, University of Massachusetts Amherst, rich with infographics and useful links