News and Events

ePortfolio Showcase to be held March 2, 2018 at E.C. Moore Symposium  

The ePortfolio Initiative is pleased to announce that the 2018 ePortfolio Showcase, an opportunity for students with outstanding ePortfolios and ePDPs to exhibit their work, will be held in conjunction with the IUPUI Edward C. Moore Symposium/LEAP Indiana Conference on March 2, 2018, at the Campus Center.  Students are invited to apply by midnight February 4, 2018, and faculty and staff are invited to nominate current or past students by email to ude[dot]iupui[at]nhaks.  We are also planning several related ePortfolio sessions during the Symposium, including a presentation by students in the Showcase.  This is an opportunity to learn more about ePortfolios and to see some of IUPUI’s best examples.

ePortfolio Initiative announces 2018-2019 ePortfolio Grants and RISE/ePortfolio Grants  

IUPUI faculty and staff are invited to apply for ePortfolio and RISE/ePortfolio Grants for 2018-2019.  The grants fund projects with promise to advance the effective use of ePortfolios to support and document student learning and development at IUPUI.  RISE ePortfolio Grant proposals are due February 23; ePortfolio Grant proposals are due March 1.

ePortfolio Mission Task Force  

In 2016-2017, a Task Force appointed by Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Johnson developed a Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategies statement for the IUPUI ePortfolio Initiative. The statement emphasizes the potential value of ePortfolios, recognized as a High-Impact Teaching and Learning Practice, for student learning and growth and sets forth a vision wherein all IUPUI students, faculty, and staff have opportunities, and appropriate guidance, to engage meaningfully with ePortfolios.  See the full Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategies statement here.

Impressive IUPUI presence at AAEEBL national conference

August 7, 2017 -- The closing highlight of this year's AAEEBL conference (that's the Association for Applied, Experiential, and Evidence Based Learning) was the inaugural Trent Batson Lecture, created to honor AAEEBL's founding president. As founding chair of the Board of Directors, IUPUI's Susan Kahn was invited to present the address as a final plenary of the three-day conference, this year convened in partnership with Portland State University in Oregon.

In addition to Kahn's plenary, several IUPUI faculty and staff also presented:

  • Cathy Buyarski (University College and DUE), "Students' beliefs about themselves and their learning"
  • Richard Turner (Professor Emeritus and CTL Faculty Fellow), "Preaching what you practice: What you can do for ePortfolio work"
  • Cathy Buyarski, "ePortfolios: Student learning and student success--But what does this mean in practice?"
  • Amy Powell (Themed Learning Communities, University College), "ePortfolios for Integrative Learning in the First Year"
  • Robert Smith (Office of Degree Completion and School of Liberal Arts), "Completing with meaning: A career development perspective on ePortfolios"

Other IUPUI attendees included Stephen Hundley (Planning and Institutional Improvement), Allison Plopper and Mark Urtel (Kinesiology), and Susan Scott (ePortfolio Initiative).

Assessment Institute ePortfolio Track announced

July 21, 2017 -- Well-respected researcher and author Kathleen Blake Yancey of Florida State University will provide the keynote address for this year's ePortfolio track at the 2017 Assessment Institute (October 22 -24), to be followed by a very promising line-up of breakout sessions from national and IUPUI ePortfolio leaders. In addition, a half-day pre-Institute workshop will focus on ePortfolios and High Impact Practices. Details about the ePortfolio track are available here.

The Institute early-registration deadline is September 15, and no registrations will be accepted after October 6, so be thinking now about your availability to attend. Additional details about session times will be forthcoming on the Institute website, where you can also register online.

New ePortfolio grants announced

May 10, 2017 -- The IUPUI ePortfolio Initiative is pleased to announce recipients in two grant programs.

For our collaboration with the RISE to the Challenge Initiative, three projects will incorporate ePortfolios into RISE courses in 2017-18:

  • Rob Elliott and Xiao Luo, Computer Information and Graphics Technology, School of Engineering and Technology, for “Global IT Citizenship” (Study Abroad)
  • Tom Marvin, English/American Studies, School of Liberal Arts, for “AMST A341 Organizing for Social Action” and Sam Masarachia Scholars program (Service Learning)
  • Stephen Fox, English, School of Liberal Arts, and members of an interdisciplinary FACET Leadership Team, for “Interdisciplinary Capstone for Engagement” (Service Learning)

 The 2017-18 round of funding for pilot and implementation ePortfolio projects supports the following grants:

  • Andrea Engler and Cathy Buyarski, University College, “ePortfolios and Mentor Development”
  • Elizabeth Freije, Elaine Cooney, and Barbara Christe, Engineering Technology, School of Engineering and Technology, “Weaving the Degree Phase II: Documenting Milestones across Courses”
  • Beth Huffman and Emily McLaughlin, Interior Design Technology, School of Engineering and Technology, “Directed Response Folio Implementation for the Interior Design Program”
  • Mikki Jeschke, Andrea Pfeifle, and James Ballard, Health and Life Sciences Advising Center, University College, “The Interprofessional Collaborative Health Project”
  • Kathryn Lauten, Department of World Languages and Cultures, School of Liberal Arts, “ePortfolio Implementation for the Program in French”
  • Deborah Oesch-Minor, English, School of Liberal Arts, “Exploring ePortfolio for the W130/W131 Stretch Writing Program”

Spreading the ePortfolio word at the Moore Symposium

March 7, 2017 -- Faculty, staff, and student users of ePortfolio contributed to a strong program at this year's E. C. Moore Symposium, the pre-eminent Indiana conference on excellence in teaching. Speakers included:

  • Susan Kahn and Susan Scott (ePortfolio Initiative), "Making a Practice High-Impact"
  • Beth Huffman, Katelyn Miller, and Abigail Richart (Design Technology), "Tracking Student Process through the Design Process"
  • Susan Kahn, Macy Ballard (Psychology student), Elena Peters (Psychology student), and Alicia Whittaker (Neuroscience student), "Showcasing Student ePortfolios: Learners' Perspectives on a High-Impact Practice"
  • Deborah Keller (Education), "Examination of Systemic Oppression through Service Learning: The ePortfolio as a Self-Reflective Tool"
  • Shantia Reese, Brandi Gilbert, Abigail Hadley, Elena Peters, and Macy Ballard (LHSI), "Life-Health Sciences Internship Program: Motivating and Recording Reflection"
  • Allison Plopper, Lisa Angermeier, Mark Urtel, Steve Fallowfield, and Rachel Swinford (Kinesiology), "Career Development/Readiness in Kinesiology Majors Using ePortfolios"

2017 ePortfolio Showcase participants

March 6, 2017 -- Participants in this year's ePortfolio Showcase included fifteen outstanding students from first-year to graduate/professional, all with interesting stories to tell and ePortfolios to demonstrate their learning. Congratulations to:

  • Shaikah Alsanad, junior, Computer Graphics Technology
  • Macy Ballard, senior, Psychology
  • Wade Catt, senior, Anthropology
  • Deshun Coomer, senior, Computer Information Technology
  • Priya Dave, junior, Medical Humanities
  • Laura Green, graduate, MS in Technology
  • Misbah Irfan, first-year, Health Sciences
  • Jared Meunier, senior, Anthropology
  • Amira Nafiseh, sophomore, Biology and Neuroscience
  • Elena Peters, senior, Psychology
  • Emily Sampson, junior, Chemistry
  • Seth Sears, sophomore, Neuroscience
  • Kaylee Tutrow, junior, Neuroscience and Psychology
  • Tiffany Whinery, graduate, MS in Technology
  • Alisha Whittaker, senior, Neuroscience

This year's Showcase was held on March 3 in conjunction with the annual E. C. Moore Symposium and is co-sponsored by the ePortfolio Initiative, University College, and the Life-Health Sciences Internship Program. Co-locating the Showcase with the Moore poster session and speakers' reception helped to assure a steady stream of visitors to the students' tables.

National attention to IUPUI at AAC&U Annual Meeting

February 2, 2017 -- Once again, IUPUI was well represented among the presentations at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the associated Annual Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios. Faculty and staff presentations related to ePortfolio work included:

  • Susan Kahn and Susan Scott (ePortfolio Initiative), "Challenges to Liberal Education: Assessment as Bridge, ePortfolios as Illustration"
  • Cathy Buyarski (University College and DUE), Helen Chen (Stanford), Bret Eynon (LaGuardia Community College), and Amelia Parnell (NASPA), "Intersections between ePortfolios and Academic Transcripts"
  • Susan Kahn, Tyrone Freeman (Philanthropic Studies), and Cynthia Williams (Neuroscience), "Supporting Integration of Learning, Identity Development, and Assessment: ePortfolios in Capstone Seminars"
  • Cathy Buyarski and Amy Powell (Themed Learning Communities), "ePortfolios for Integrative Learning: Helping First-Year Students Connect Identity and Learning"

IUPUI Faculty at 2016 Assessment Institute

October 21 -- Several IUPUI faculty and staff joined colleagues from across the country to present their work with ePortfolios at the 2016 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis. This year's participants in the ePortfolio track included:

  • Shawn Marie Boyne (IU McKinney School of Law), "Using ePortfolios to Prepare Law Students for Practice"
  • Tyrone M. Freeman and Richard M. Turner (IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy), "Don't Let Your Studies Interfere with Your Education: Using Capstone ePortfolios to Document Student Learning across the Extracurriculum"
  • Kathryn M. Lauten (World Languages and Cultures), "French Program and SLO Assessment with ePortfolio"
  • Cynthia Clark Williams (Psychology and Neuroscience), "Integrative Learning Assessed in a Science Capstone ePortfolio"

Session presentation materials, including those for the outstanding track keynote by Kathy Takayama of Northeastern University, should be available on the Assessment Institute website by mid-November.

RISE ePortfolio Grants announcement issued

October 20 -- The RISE to the IUPUI Challenge Initiative has issued the call for proposals for five course development grants to be made in 2017. Two of those are co-sponsored with the ePortfolio Initiative to assist faculty in developing a new or redesigning an existing course in line with RISE criteria with an ePortfolio component. Proposals are due February 10, 2017, for courses to be developed in summer and offered in the next academic year; the full CFP is available here. In addition, the Center for Teaching and Learning is presenting a workshop on November 3, to be repeated December 2, on "Teaching and Learning Enhancement Grants at IUPUI" that will address these grants in addition to the ePortfolio grants and CTL's Course Enhancement Grants. Details and registration information are posted on the CTL Events Calendar.

ePortfolio Symposium presentation materials available

October 20 -- Several posters and handouts are now available on the 2016 ePortfolio Symposium webpage. More will be added as they become available.

ePortfolio Initiative issues new Call for Grant Proposals

September 30 -- The Call for Proposals for the next round of one-year ePortfolio grants, for 2017-18, is now available. Grants are intended to support the pilot development or implementation of ePortfolio projects to foster student learning and development or to assess student learning outcomes at IUPUI. Faculty, academic administrators and staff, and units are invited to apply in support of goals within undergraduate, co-curricular, and graduate or professional programs. We are especially interested in supporting initiatives emerging from IUPUI's strategic plan, Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond. The proposal deadline is Wednesday, March 1, and project work may begin as early as first summer term 2017. Questions should be directed to Susan Kahn (skahn at iupui dot edu) or Susan Scott (sbscott at iupui dot edu).

IUPUI at the 2016 AAEEBL National Conference

August 10 -- IUPUI was well represented at the annual conference of the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) in Boston early this month. Attendees included Macy Ballard (Life-Health Sciences Internship Program), Alison Bell (Degree Completion Office), Renee Betts (Social Work), Catherine Buyarski (Division of Undergraduate Education), Pamela Clark (Philanthropic Studies), Beth Huffman (Interior Design Technology), Susan Hyatt (Anthropology), Kathryn Lauten (French), Shantia Reese (LHSI), Susan Scott (ePortfolio Initiative), Tim Scully (Health Sciences), and Michael Yard (Biology). Our attendees also provided four conference sessions:

  • Shantia Reese and Macy Ballard: "How to Avoid 'Going through the Motions': Facilitating Interns' Use of ePortfolios for Reflection and Branding"
  • Catherine Buyarski: "The Completion Agenda: Linking ePortfolios and Student Success"
  • Catherine Buyarski: "Academic and Personal Success: ePortfolios as an Intervention to Foster a Growth Mindset"
  • Susan Scott (with Candyce Reynolds of Portland State University and Paul Wasko of University of Alaska Anchorage): "Context Counts: Good Practice in ePortfolio Platform Selection"

IUPUI in the International Arena

June 10 -- The UK's Centre for Recording Achievement and AAEEBL collaborated on an international seminar this month at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, with four IUPUI program contributors.

  • Cathy Buyarski (with Emma Purnell from University of Plymouth, UK): "Practicing ePortfolio learning: UK and US contributors on e-pdp practice"
  • Susan Kahn (ePortfolio Initiative), Marta Anton (World Languages and Cultures), and Tyrone Freeman (Philanthropic Studies): "Supporting Integration of Learning, Transitions, and Assessment: ePortfolios in Capstone Seminars at IUPUI"
Susan Kahn was also part of the leadership planning team for the conference.

IUPUI Faculty at AAEEBL Midwest Regional Conference

May 15 -- Several academic leaders from IUPUI contributed sessions for the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) Midwest regional conference at the University of Notre Dame this month. Those sharing expertise were:

  • Tyrone Freeman and Richard Turner, School of Philanthropic Studies, "Bringing Internships and the Extracurriculum Out of the Shadows through Capstone ePortfolios"
  • Cynthia Williams, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, "Integrative Learning through an ePortfolio in a Capstone Course"
  • Cathy Buyarski, Division of Undergraduate Education, "Fostering First-Year Success through an ePortfolio"
Susan Kahn of IUPUI served on the conference planning committee.

ePortfolio Grants Awarded

April 2016 -- The IUPUI ePortfolio Initiative is pleased to announce recipients of two grant programs. In collaboration with the RISE to the Challenge Initiative, two faculty will incorporate ePortfolios into their service learning courses:

  • Beth Huffman, Design Technology, School of Engineering and Technology, for "INTR 225 Three Dimensional Interior Design Studio"
  • Deborah Keller, School of Education, for "H341 American Culture and Education."

The second round of funding to support new and transitional ePortfolio projects supports the following projects:

  • Carolyn Gentle-Genitty and Renee Betts, BSW Program at Indianapolis, School of Social Work
  • Marjorie Rush Hovde and Brandon Sorge, Department of Technology Leadership and Communication, for Phase 2 of “Technology Leadership & Communication Graduate ePortfolio-Creation Course Development”
  • Joan Kowolik and Melinda Meadows, Pediatric Dentistry, for international education elective in cooperation with Newcastle University School of Dental Sciences in England, "Public Health Care and Health Policy Study Abroad Elective"
  • Amy Powell, University College, "ePortfolio for Integrative Thinking across Themed Learning Communities"
  • Rachel Swinford and colleagues in the Department of Kinesiology, "Career Development/Readiness in Kinesiology Majors Using ePortfolios"
  • Kathryn Lauten, Department of World Languages and Cultures, "ePortfolio for the Program in French"

Congratulations to 2016 ePortfolio Showcase Participants!

April 2016 -- Fifteen inspiring students shared their ePortfolio experiences and websites with visitors at the 2016 ePortfolio Showcase on April 1. Following words of encouragement and appreciation from Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education Stephen Hundley, the following participants were recognized:

  • Macy Ballard, Experiential Learning
  • Jarred Cool, First-Year Electronic Personal Development Plan
  • Soumya Dash, Graduate Program
  • Hannah Delp, Experiential Learning
  • Kade Diallo, Experiential Learning
  • Kaylin Fanta, Experiential Learning
  • Jeremy Lahey, Program and Capstone
  • Rachel Larsen, Experiential Learning
  • Brianna Lebeda, First-Year Electronic Personal Development Plan
  • Kyle McElyea, Experiential Learning
  • Victor Olafusi, Experiential Learning
  • Elena Peters, Experiential Learning
  • Tierra Pinkins, Graduate Program
  • Victoria Sefcsik, Experiential Learning
  • Cailyn Turner, Program and Capstone

In addition, Rachel Larsen was recognized for the Outstanding Showcase ePortfolio and Jarred Cool for Honorable Mention Outstanding Showcase ePortfolio. Planning is already under way for next year's Showcase. Watch for the call for applications and nominations in early October next fall.

ePortfolio Initiative issues new Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the next round of ePortfolio grants, for 2016-17, is now available, with a proposal deadline of Friday, April 1, 2016. Grants are intended to support the transition of ePortfolio projects currently in Oncourse to Taskstream as well as new ePortfolio projects. Project work may begin as early as first summer term. Questions may be directed to Susan Kahn (skahn at iupui dot edu) or Susan Scott (sbscott at iupui dot edu).

New Taskstream webinars now online

Two webinars on Taskstream--IU's new ePortfolio platform--were presented by IT Training in January 2016, one each for students and for faculty. Recordings are now available on the IT Training website at (One student-oriented recording for the Oncourse ePortfolio will continue to be available through Summer 2016, when Oncourse will no longer be available.)

Congratulations for new 2015-16 ePortfolio project grants and awards

Congratulations to the first recipients of our 2015-16 ePortfolio Grants:

  • Elizabeth Freije, Elaine Cooney, and Barbara Christe, Department of Engineering Technology, for “Weaving the Degree: Documenting Curricular Connections and Milestones to Promote Student Success”
  • Marjorie Rush Hovde and Brandon Sorge, Department of Technology Leadership and Communication, for “Technology Leadership & Communication Graduate ePortfolio-Creation Course Development”
  • Kimberly Kramer and Rachel Applegate, Department of Library and Information Science, for “Transition and Improvement: MLS Program Assessment from Oncourse to Taskstream”
  • Cynthia Williams, Neuroscience Program, Department of Psychology, for “ePortfolio for Neuroscience Capstone Students”

Financial support has also been awarded for the following 2015-16 projects:

  • Susan Hyatt, Department of Anthropology, for “E-designing the Anthropology Capstone”
  • Michael Golub, Department of Mechanical Engineering, for “Using ePortfolios to Enhance Mechanical Engineering Electric Vehicle Research”
  • Steven Miller, American Studies Program and Institute for American Thought, for “American Studies ePortfolio Course Pilot”
Watch for the Call for Proposals for 2016-17 grants to be issued this winter.

RISE Program and ePortfolio Initiative issue new joint Call for Proposals

At the November 6 RISE Day, Dr. Jennifer Thorington Springer announced a new round of funding for RISE Course Development ePortfolio Grants. Proposals for up to $5,000 are due February 12, 2016, for development in Summer 2016 and initial offering during 2016-17. More information and the Call for Proposals are provided at Dr. Thorington Springer will respond to questions about the RISE component, and the Call for Proposals identifies other sources of information for each of the four RISE practices. Those with questions specific to the ePortfolio aspect of these projects should be in touch with Susan Kahn (skahn at iupui dot edu) or Susan Scott (sbscott at iupui dot edu).

Apply Online for the 2016 ePortfolio Showcase

The ePortfolio Initiative, University College, and the Life-Health Sciences Internship Program have issued the call for applications for IUPUI's Second Annual ePortfolio Showcase, to be held Friday, April 1, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in Taylor Hall UC 104. Students are encouraged to apply for participation this spring--last year's Showcase was an inspiring discussion with diverse students who had interesting stories to show and tell. ePortfolios "in progress" or previously completed are welcome. The application form is online at, with a deadline of Friday, February 5.

International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP) publishes article on IUPUI reflection research

During 2012-14, IUPUI conducted a campus-wide qualitative research project exploring how, why, and with what success faculty and staff used reflection in their ePortfolio projects. The research grew out of IUPUI's participation with eleven other institutions in Cohort VI of the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research to explore how the distinctive characteristics of ePortfolios could be leveraged to improve assessment and accreditation. The latest issue (Volume 5, Number 2) of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP), a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access journal, includes an article describing the IUPUI research process and findings: "Examining the Role of Reflection in ePortfolios: A Case Study," by Cynthia M. Landis, Susan B. Scott, and Susan Kahn of the IUPUI ePortfolio Initiative.

IUPUI faculty and staff present work with ePortfolios at the 2015 Assessment Institute

The 2015 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis drew another capacity crowd of nearly 1,100 participants and offered an extended range of presentations about all things assessment, including use of ePortfolios in assessment. Seven current and former IUPUI faculty and staff presented about their work with ePortfolios:

  • Susan Hyatt (Anthropology), Tyrone Freeman (Philanthropic Studies), and Susan Kahn (ePortfolio Initiative/English), "Similarities and Differences: Capstone Assessment of Student Learning with ePortfolios"
  • Susan Kahn and Lynn Ward (UITS), "The Art and Science of ePortfolio Platform Selection"
  • Cynthia Stone (Public Health), "Using ePortfolios to Assess PhD Competences"
  • Marta Anton (World Languages and Cultures) and Dawn Whitehead (formerly of International Affairs), "Assessment of International Learning Outcomes at the Institutional Level"